CSCW 2010: The 2010 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work • February 6–10, 2010 • Savannah, Georgia, USA


CSCW Horizon


This is the new alternative venue for CSCW.

We solicit creative, unorthodox, inspirational submissions. These untraditional submissions can be paper based (e.g. essays), multimedia based (e.g. short films), prototype based (e.g. storyboards, design mockups, technology explorations), or simply interaction based (e.g. plays, interactive demonstrations). The tone of these submissions is also flexible (e.g. academic, fun, speculative, critical, manifesto, etc). However, all submissions should help advance the CSCW community constructively, by provoking debate, predicting beyond the research horizon, or revealing unresolved issues in the field.

The final program will consist of a mix between submitted pieces and selected pieces of controversial or simply interesting material submitted but not accepted from the other venues. We aim to have about 2 sessions at the conference with room for discussion and interactive sessions. The material will be reviewed (unanonymously) by the chairs and a small committee before selected for presentation. Presentations will be between 10-20 minutes depending on the submission type and the final program.

Please note that all submissions are non-archival. Thus authors have the option to publish their work in a different venue later. They also must follow formatting guidelines specified at the end of this CFP.

The Community Challenge

To encourage a theme among submissions, this venue features a voluntary Community Challenge. The Community Challenge for CSCW 2010 is to include the acronym, "WCSC" (the backwards of CSCW) in a credible way within the submission, and provide the most creative expansion that is opposite, or counter to the usual CSCW program (e.g. "WCSC = Work Chosen to Stimulate Conversation").

Accepted submissions that indicate they will opt in will be eligible to win the challenge. Specifics on judging will be announced at a later date. There will be no prize except for the glory of being named the winner of the 2010 CSCW Community Challenge, which will be announced by the end of the conference and on the CSCW blog.

Submission Guidelines

Accepted submissions will be included in the conference DVD, but they are non-archival. Thus, authors have the option to publish in a different venue later.

Submissions should be new material - they cannot have been accepted at other venues.

Submissions must clearly indicate a "style format" from one of the other venues of CSCW - specifically: Papers, Notes, Videos, Demos, or Panels - whichever is most appropriate to the material. They must also indicate a choice of presentation duration: 10 minutes or 20 minutes.

When following a "style format" from a CSCW venue, submissions must follow the formatting requirements. This includes adhering to page length, template, formatting, etc of the selected venue (although not necessarily the expectations in content). For example, paper based submissions could be formatted as a Paper or Note, multimedia could be formatted as a Video submission, a participatory discussion could be formatted as a Panel, etc.

If there is not a clear match between the material and formatting in one of the CSCW venues, authors should still try to adopt formatting and page length guidelines from a venue. Below are suggestions to adapt CSCW formats to untraditional submissions.

If a performance is involved (e.g. plays, demonstrations), then an outline of a script and estimated duration must be included (note presentations will be between 10-20 minutes). In this case, we recommend following the guidelines for a CSCW Demonstration submission. It will be the responsibility of the presenter to provide any equipment beyond the standard projector/speaker/microphone setup from the conference.

If a lot of visual artwork is involved (e.g. storyboards, comics, sketches), we recommend using the CSCW Paper submission format for page length, margins, titles, abstracts, and any introductory text - but the remaining space can be formatted as the authors see fit.

If a short film is the submission, then we recommend using the CSCW Video submission format. Authors would submit an abstract explaining the concept and a 5 minute video (as per the requirements of a Video submission). If the film is intended to be longer than 5 minutes (maximum length is still 10-20 minutes - the length must be specified in the abstract), the 5 minute video should be formatted as a movie trailer for the final cut that will be unveiled at the conference.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to email the session chairs at

CSCW Horizon submissions should be e-mailed to the CSCW Horizon co-chairs at All submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m. PDT on October 18, 2009. Submissions after this date will not be considered. All submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail.

We look forward to your submissions. Reach for the horizon!

CSCW Horizon Co-Chairs