CSCW 2010: The 2010 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work • February 6–10, 2010 • Savannah, Georgia, USA


Advance Program — Demonstrations

The following demonstrations have been accepted:

Monday, Feb. 8, 19:00–21:30

Reception Demos

Savior: Coordination of Collaboration as a Service

Tolerant Sharing of Singe-User Application Among Multiple Users in Collaborative Work

A Tool Allowing Software Engineers to Automatically Determine if Remote Team Members are Stuck

Social Composer: A Social-Aware Mashup Creation Environment

Enabling Social Translucence for Wikipedia

LiveDeck: Extending Presentations to Support Collaborations

Coagmento: A Collaborative Information Seeking, Synthesis and Sense-Making Framework

Supporting Local Jargon in Multilingual Collaboration

Statler: Summarizing Media through Short-Messaging Services

IdeaPitch: A Tool for Spatial Notes

Mail2Tag: Lightweight Information Sharing Services Integrated with Email

Olympus: Enhancing Online Meetings W/ Avatars

Idea Expander: Agent-Augmented Online Brainstorming

Enterprise Contextual Notifier, Contextual Tag Clouds towards more Relevant Awareness

Agora: Collaborative Recorded Meetings

Itsme: A Workstation in the Situated Action Perspective

Throughout the Conference

Integrated Demos

Sense-Making and Credibility of Health Information on the Social Web: A Multi-Method Study Assessing Tagging and Tag Clouds

Generating Themes for CSCW 2010: An Integrative Demo Using Saturate

Demonstrations Co-Chairs